parent/teacher conferences

    Are you nervous, afraid, anxious, worried, angry, or calm, cool, and collected about seeing your child’s teacher and hearing a progress report on both academics and citizenship in the classroom?

Prepare just a little, ahead of time, and you may join the calm, collected group!
     Step 1: Make a list of the things you want to remember to discuss.
     Step 2: Compose yourself into a calm, receptive adult who can listen attentively before becoming defensive.
     Step 3: Please! Assume that the teacher just may be correct about your child’s grades and/or behavior.
     Step 4: Ask positive questions about how you can help at home. Keep your interactions totally about your child’s actions.
     Step 5: If you are going to request that weekly progress reports be sent to you by email–ask instead if the teacher will reply to  emails from you requesting those reports. Most teachers will gladly reply to an email, but find it difficult due to the number of students they have to remember which child needs a report and how often to send it.
     Step 6: Be positive about the conference when you speak to your child about it. Remind them that small changes can bring great rewards in their school work or behavior.
     Step 7: Remember that a behavior report is often more important than an academic one. Kids’ behavior and study habits, including manners and responsibility, lead to success or disaster in the classroom and in their future.

Enjoy your conferences. Enjoy your kids!

Happy Parenting,
D and C

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