Attend one session or the entire series of 5 workshops. Please email us or contact us at 1.586.781.9942 to schedule your sessions and for location and time.

Session 1 Myths: “No Means Yes” and “Responsibility….What’s That?”
Parents will learn the importance of the word “No” actually meaning “No” and how that encourages their children to be productive. We will discuss the abilities of children to handle all kinds of responsibilities that will make their futures much brighter.

Session 2 Myths:  “Pouting, Whining, Crying Always Works”, and “Manners are for Geeks”
We will discuss the different levels of pouting, whining, and crying at all ages and give suggestions to help curb that behavior. Manners have always been a key to higher socialization skills.  These skills will help shape children and their future as they mature and grow.

Session 3 Myths:  “I am the King of the Castle” and “They’ll Fix it for Me”
If you feel like the outsider in your child’s room, let us give you some pointers in reminding them just whose room it really is. Teaching your child to be responsible is the basis for  becoming a productive member of society rather than being crippled with lack of independence in the future.

Session 4 Myths: “It’s Never my Fault” and “Everybody Does It”
We will discuss the “It’s never my fault” syndrome and what to do to minimize its frequency. We have all been exposed to ‘Everybody Does It’, but the time has come to show your children, and maybe yourself, just how little it works in the real world.

Session 5 Myths:  “I Hate Family Time” and “Don’t Worry….They’ll Say it Again”
Do your children really hate family time or just what it has become? We will discuss some new techniques to engage them in enjoyable family time. If you constantly repeat yourself and think your children must be hard of hearing, now is the time to show them just what society’s actual response is to ignoring someone.

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